Saturday, July 26, 2008

Watermelon Time

Talen is starting to figure out how to eat solid foods. When we gave him a taste of watermelon, he absolutely fell in love, although I think very few of it actually went into his mouth!!

Pool party

We recently had a pool party with some of our friends, Talen wanted to know if he could ask Avery out on a date..we thought he was a little young, but we made and exception..
Oh no we're in trouble..this kid loves to eat!!
Don't anyone bother me right now...I am concentrating on FOOD!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Talen's 1st Cookie

Love the mess!

Talen loves the pool

Fun in the pool!!

Our boy is so cute..he loves the pool..funny thing is he keeps on splashing the water and it gets in his face..he doesn't like that so much but does not know how to stop!!
Waterfall time!!

Talen got in the pool with his cousin Jalen and Charlize..they had a ball together as we celebrated Jalen's 16th Birthday!!
Charlize is such a cutie pie..she is haming it up by the waterfall!!

Talen just loves the water..he laughs and laughs...

Happy Birthday Jalen!! 16..wait that makes Jay..32..nobody tell him okay..
Wow..what a hard day at play..looks like I need a nap..and nothing is more comfortable than my Grandma Da's arms!! Charlize was taking care of her younger cousin and put her favorite blanket over him while he was napping. (she never shares that blankie with anyone..but did this time!!)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Family reunion fun!!!!

My uncle John and my cousin Kevin rounded up 11 4-wheelers to go riding down KP Park. We had such a blast....thanks guys.

My uncle Bob and my cousin Zane

Me being crazy with my cousin Kevin
Here are the newlyweds in the love seat, how cute!
The whole crew posing for a picture.

Jay with my cousin and my Aunt

4th of July in Lordsburg

Jay got to play city fireman for the day and light off the city fireworks.Donations for the men of Lordsburg fireman calender??Jay and Owen like two kids in a candy store.Talen's 1st firework showI love this picture of my niece Audrey

Another day 4-wheeling

My brother and sister-in-law Tiffany
Jay and my cousin Jillian
My cousin Brenden and you know who!!
My sister Heather and her boyfriend Owen