Thursday, December 13, 2007


It has definitely been a great year. My Husband and I have gotten all we have wished for!! Merry Christmas to everyone!!
Here comes Talen Claus, here comes Talen Claus, right down Talen Claus lane.........
Santa had no problem figuring out whether this little guy was naughty or nice..just look at him!!!
How precious can one be. Talen was so excited about meeting Santa, he was in deep thought about what he wanted to ask him for Christmas!!
We told Talen that it was the night before Christmas that he had to go to bed early, but he could not wait!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sooo many new friends!!

Wow, I can't handle it all..everyday my Mommy puts me in my favorite outfit and introduces me to new people. They all want to hug and kiss me...its hard work, I just need to take a lil nap!!
I heard this guy, Eric, is going to have a little friend for me to play with, I can't wait..I need more friends my age!! He kept on making these funny noises, I laughed so hard, I fell asleep!!
Auntie Linda came by for a visit, she was nice. My Daddy keeps on telling me about this guy named Jerry who is going to teach me how to play golf...Daddy says maybe next month!!!
I also got to meet Courtney and Tim, they were fun!! My Daddy says that he works with Courtney's Daddy and that he is a cool guy!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

3 Weeks Old!!!

Okay, so we have been figuring out after 3 weeks different ways to help Talen sleep through the night. We first tried the vacuum, but that only worked half the time. Next we tried his car seat and a car ride, but we can't always do that at 3 or 4 or 5 in the morning.....
Warm baths work out pretty good, especially in mama's arms!!
His baby swing works pretty well too. He likes the speed and the loud noises from the makes him feel like he's flying..just like his daddy!!

Finally he's out, and when he sleeps, he sleeps like his mother..out for the count ( but he snores like his daddy!!)....

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Talen got his first look at a Navy versus Army Football game. He was so excited that he got up early that morning and made sure his daddy was up too, so they could watch Navy's victory!! He was so happy they won that he was in tears!!!!
Even mommy joined in the fun, but Talen was focused that was the USC game!!!
After a long day of watching some serious football, he was so exhausted he had to take a nap and rest for the evening games..daddy is so excited he finally has someone to hang out with!!!
Talen and Uncle Mark got to spend some quality time!!!
Uncle Randy finally got to meet his nephew Talen!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Check Me Out!!!

Some day, I'm going to grow up strong and big, just like my Daddy!!
I feel like I'm soaring in the clouds and flying in my airplanes!!
My Auntie sure knows how to put me to sleep....thanks Auntie Lisa!!
When my belly button plug finally came out, my Mommy gave me my first real bath. I got to play in some warm water, and it felt sooo Mommy is the best!!!
I don't know what it is, but when my Mommy holds me in her arms, I just pass out, it is like she has that special touch that I just love!!

Talen meets his Daddy's family.....

Talen finally got to meet his Grandma "Da", he was so excited to spend time with her. When she would sing to him, he would kooo till he fell a sleep..they had such a great time together!!!
Cousins don't shake hands...Cousins hug!!! Charlize loved hanging out with her Auntie Holly and Talen..she was such a big help in entertaining him and helping to put him to sleep!!
A picture for the ages......
Jay's sister has been asking us for years when she would finally have a nephew to hold. After three of her own, she was excited to have a baby to play with and then give back to us when it was time for her to rest!!! She can't wait to return all the favors over these feeding her boys cake instead of a real lunch!!! (that was her brother..)
Talen's new Cousins..Jalen, Charlize and Andre.....a.k.a.....Zoolander!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

What a cutie!!

Now when we ask this little guy who his favorite pilot is, I'm certain he will say...Daddy!!!!
Check him out!!!
Thank you doc for the great work and for my new baby boy...I really appreciate it!!
Mama's little boy..daddy's little player..etc..
Isn't he the cutest!!

Talen meets the Hill family...

Auntie Heather has been great..she flew in from D.C. to see her new little nephew and has been helping me get him to sleep..he really likes her and falls asleep in her arms!!
Leave it up to Grandpa (Captain) to come up with ingenious ways to fix the situation. When we were washing Talen, he was crying because he was cold...Captain to the rescue!!!
Uncle Troy and Auntie Tiffany came into town to see the new member of the family..he warmed up to them quickly!!
Nothing like cousins!! Cousin Audrey got to hold Talen and give him kisses as they played!!!
Wouldn't you know it...night 2 and Jay is already getting kicked out of bed..but honestly check out this handsome'd want him too!!

Welcome home little guy...

When Talen got home we had to introduce him to the dogs. Jay was soooo happy that there is now more than 1 man in the house!!!
Kali, was dog sitting Talen while Grandma (Honey) was rocking him to sleep. he seems to be a content little far. The first night was not bad, the second night a little more action..we'll keep you informed on the rest of the week!!
Paris obviously thinks that a child should look like her. I think Talen confused her a little bit, especially when he wooed and did not bark!! So far the dogs are pretty protective of him, they follow us around when we feed him and rock him, and try to lay as close to him as possible!!
How can you not love this little guy????
The one thing that makes Talen a little emotional is when anything cold touches his little body. We have been using this technique to wake him up, when we are getting ready to feed him. Here he is getting ready for his first sponge bath at home, with his mommy and Auntie Heather!!


Okay, for all you guys out there that have been waiting for the big it finally is!! Talen was born on Friday, 16 November, 2007 at 8:07 in the morning!! He came in at 6 pounds and 2 ounces and was 19 and 3/4 inches in length.
Here is the little guy straight out of Mama. All though he has already started to change a little bit, at first glance he has his father's chin and skin color, and my nose!! look at all of his hair!!
Okay, I made it through the delivery, for all of those out there who know me, my husband said I was a champ, for those mothers to word..epidural!! I know this is obvious, but the first time you hold your child, it is overwhelming!! My husband was very emotional as well, and could not stop, especially when they put Talen on my tummy!!!
My husband is funny, he was expecting to have a girl, when Talen came out he first looked at his face to see what his new son looked like, and then he checked a bit lower to make sure the doctors were not lying to him..they were not!!!
Does this look like a proud Grandma or what!! My Mom was in the delivery room with me the whole time helping me get through the labor, she was so excited, I am so lucky to have her close by to help me raise Talen!! Thanks Mom..I love too Dad (he was there too..)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Trip to Annapolis

Did anyone catch the game??
For any of you guys that have never visited the Naval Academy (the one in Annapolis..not Indianapolis)..this is T-Court, where all the midshipman do their drill, marching in for meals, and pep-rallys for big games....such as beating Notre Dame!!!!!
Speaking of marching...the Brigade of Midshipman march in unison from the Academy grounds all the way to the Naval and Marine Corps Stadium for Football may have seen something like this formation if you have ever watched a Navy /Army football game on TV.
My Sponsor brother and I got to hang in the Athletic Director's suite during the Navy/Wake Forest game. When I met him, he was just a he is a stud at the University of Maryland where he excels on the varsity rowing team.
Nothing like getting together with old alumni..David Robinson.....a.k.a. "The Admiral" of the World Champion San Antonio Spurs, was hanging with us at the game..well by us...
Here is the rest of my Sponsor family..Bob, Sara, Me, and was great to finally see them after several years away from Annapolis!!!