Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Talen!!

Talen had so much fun at his Birthday Party he didn't want it to end. Thank you to all his friends for coming and digging for pirate treasure and jumping in the big bounce house.
This is Avery with her pirate face:)
Talen taking a swing at his pinata!
Zanda wanted to hit the pinata with his Pirate HOOK...pretty funny!

So the pinata was a little hard for the kids to break so I had to take a swing at it. Jay was being pretty mean and kept pulling the pinata up every time I took a swing. You can see him laughing at me in the background.

3 years old:)

Talen has been asking for this Thomas the Train Zip Zoom for months. He saw it on a commercial and kept asking for it for his Birthday. Happy Birthday Talen we love you!

Talen's treats he took to school for his Birthday

I wanted to make a fun treat for the kids that didn't get their hands dirty. I was talking to my mom and she told me she had these fun lollipop pans that I should use. I had a lot of fun making these but they are a little time consuming. Thanks mom for the idea:)
For those of you that know me well I don't cook. This is not cooking by all means but, I thought it could pass as an effort. I had Jay take a picture of me to prove I really made them:)

Getting ready for his Birthday!

Talen made all his Birthday bags for his friends at school.
These are for the girls mommy:)

Hanging out with Daddy:)

Since Jay has been home Talen hasn't left his side:)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Woohoo...Daddy's home!

Waiting for Daddy with my ear plugs in!

Checking on his baby sister to make sure she is ok.
10 1/2 weeks old:)
Talen was trying to figure out why he could hear his voice with his ear plugs in.

Here he comes!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I got to take a field trip to the fire station, Daddy!

Yes that is me screaming in the back while my teacher is trying to control me. Mom says I was pretty wild...not me!

Check me out Daddy; I'm in the middle of two Avery's...haha!
Climbing up in the truck
Hanging out with my teacher.

The fireman was kind of scary with all his gear on; but I still gave him a high five!

I got to spray the fire hose water into a hole.
Bye water!

Look at my new hat!