Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hanging out with Auntie Heather

Talen is so excited his Auntie lives close to him now. He likes that she comes and stays the night and is actually still here in the morning when he wakes up. They have fun reading his favorite Fly Guy books and figuring out all the mazes in his Maze book.

The BIG 30!!

Jay put together a party for me for my big 30 and it was such a great time. I don't feel any older but I am sure when I look in the mirror I might think! Thanks everyone for coming and thanks Sharon for my awesome cake!

So awesome to have my sister just an hour away:)
This is Bob and Sharon Jay's sponsor parents from the Naval Academy

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Thank you sweet boy:)

Laser tag

It is pretty cold here some days so Jay got some fun Laser guns for us to play inside. Talen was having fun chasing his Dad around the house and sneaking up on him.


Talen got invited to a little play date at the community pool. He had so much fun swimming around like a fish. I am sure we will be spending lots of time here in the summer.


Boys on the block

Every day after school there is about 10 boys outside for Talen to play with...woohoo! I can't believe how many boys there are. I was a little nervous at first I'm not going to lie I wanted to put bubble wrap around him to protect him. I am not used to boys pushing each other down and throwing things at one another. I think by the time we go in I have chewed off all my nails from the nerves but Talen loves it.

First snow

Excuse the messy craft room I haven't organized it yet but I love my view. I just sat at watched the snow fall and it was so pretty. It snowed just enough to make everything white and pretty. I could get used to this but not a mad snow storm.
View from the pack patio

New MAC model

While I was getting ready one day I gave Addison this bag with makeup sponges to play with. I turned around and this is what I! She is such a funny little girl that loves to dress up. Every morning we have to put about 10 necklaces on before we can leave her room. I wouldn't have you any other way sweetheart:)

First day at his new school

Talen is doing so well at his new school and loves his teacher Mrs. Meador. He has made new friends and loves being the helping hand.

The unpacking continues

The kids have been good little helpers around the house. Addison loved taking the paper out of the box and putting it back in the box.
Talen was helping his Captain put together mommy's new craft table:)
Big day unpacking

DC Temple

My cute little cousin Stephanie is currently serving her Mission in the DC area. She is at the Temple part time so we were able to see her the night we went to check out all the Christmas lights. She had no idea that we were coming so is was so fun to surprise her:)
Check out all the amazing lights all around the Temple grounds.
Everything was so pretty:)

His new ride:)

Before Jay left on deployment last year we sold his car not knowing where we would end up next. He had a few cars in mind that he thought he wanted but when he came across this car that was it. He couldn't wait to go check out the new Sonata was love at first site;)

Checking out their new view:)

One last present from Santa

When we finally got things unpacked we brought the kids to the house to see it for the first time. We told Talen that Santa left him something in the basement. When he saw it he was so excited! He couldn't believe he had a trampoline in his house.