Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter Daddy!

Thanks Grandma Honey for my new Elmo outfit and movies.

Thanks Grandma Da for my Easter card and stickers.
We got invited over to our neighbors for the yearly Easter party.  Jay and I came home with 3 prizes last year.   Everyone missed you at the party this year babe but, they were happy they won some prizes this time.   Talen and I want to wish you a Happy Easter and we hope that you liked you're Easter basket:)
  Here is Talen and Uncle Randy waiting for some yummy cake.
Here is my lil' neighbor Danny.

Much better
Talen found three Easter eggs.
This one had a 2 dollar bill in it.
What??  I thought is was suppose to have candy in it mom!
Talen was like a little bird when ever he saw someone eating a cupcake. lol!
Thanks Melissa

Talen is on the go a lot these days.  Here he is walking all over and getting his hands on everything he sees.
This is Talen's new buddy.

I think I see another egg mom!

Talen in the big bounce house.  He loved it!  He loved sliding down the slide to get out.

Here is my neighbors at the start of the spoon and egg race.  Check out my neighbors face on the right. lol!  This was so funny.  I came in 3rd place:(  I dropped my egg the second time around.

Talen with Uncle Mark.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Fun!

We got invited to a Easter party today and had so much fun!  Talen found all his Easter eggs.  

This is lil' Ellery.  You didn't think Talen could got to a party without a girl did you? lol!  My friend had her baby and is still in the hospital so,  I had her daughter for the day.  She had such a fun time she didn't want to leave.  We can't wait to play again and meet baby Cooper.
Ellery liked Grandma Di.

Ellery posed so cute for the picture and Talen was like, what is she doing on my bike?  lol!  It was soooo funny!
Here is Eli with all his goodies in his Easter basket.

Beautiful brown eyes!
Here is lil' Mya
Big brother Kai, lil' Mya and Eli.
Cousins Tess and Jessie
Here's all the kids together.
Mya didn't like her feet touching the grass. 

So cute!!!!

Her is Emma waiting for the arrival of her baby sister next month!

Talen had so much fun with Greg (Opa).  Thanks Grandma Di for helping out with the kids today.
Little Miss Ellery