Sunday, September 19, 2010

Love this little guy!


Visit from Auntie Heather

So Jay had to leave again after the baby was born so my sister flew out to help me for the week. Talen loved having his Auntie around to do whatever he wanted to do. Thank you Sis for coming to my rescue once again:)

Baby Addison

Reading bedtime stories with Daddy

1st Check-up

Back to her birth weight...yay!

Here is Dr. Poole who delivered Addison.

1st Day at Preschool

Well I never thought this day would come that my baby would start Preschool. He was so cute the first day wearing his little backpack and walking with his Daddy to class. He went right up to his teacher and got his name tag and went off to play. I think we had a harder time then he did saying good-bye.

Talen and his friend Avery playing at the train table.

Happy Birthday Honey!

Visit from Da and Papa Frankie

1st Bath

All clean:)

Talen sings his sister a song when she starts crying it is so cute. She normally stops crying but in this case she pooped in the bath so she was really not happy.

Addison Marie Covarrubias

Just before I was going in to be induced.
Well I have to say this time around was 100% better. I went in to get induced on Wednesday only to find out that I was already having contractions...woohoo! The Doctor broke my water around 4:30 p.m. and I ended up delivering her at 6:42 p.m. I can't believe that we were laughing and having a normal conversation the whole time I was pushing. For those of you who remember my last delivery I was pretty much out of it and it wasn't a fun experience. She is such a wonderful blessing to our family and we love her to pieces. Talen is doing such a good job being a big brother:)
7 pounds 3 ounces
Wow I look tired
She already has him wrapped around her finger.
Going home:)