Sunday, January 22, 2012

Move in day!

Well the day had finally come and it wasn't very nice to me. I had to scrap my window that morning and it was freezing cold. Thankfully my sister was prepared with a nice little scraper for me.
Our new house:)

Jay was still driving cross country so I had to do the move by myself. Thankfully my sister was able to come with me to help out. She was in charge of marking off all the boxes that came in. Thanks sis you were a huge help:)
So happy my china hutch made it in one piece:)

I couldn't believe how many boxes we had to unpack:(

On our way

My mom and I got the fun task of flying the kids to DC while my Dad and Jay drove the car with the dogs. All I can say is that I am glad it is over and I am not looking forward to it again. My mom and I both had a suitcase plus a carry-on and then we each had a carseat on our back. I had Addison in a stroller and then the plan was for Talen to push his own suitcase...yeah right! He didn't want anything to do with pushing or helping with anything. With some muscle and a little sweat we somehow made it to the airport on the shuttle. When we got there we were waiting in the security line and I put Talen's suitcase up against the stroller and Addison grabbed the handle. When I went to push the stroller she held on to the suitcase and it just rolled along the side of the stroller...woohoo! She held on to it the whole way to the gate!! I don't know how we would've made it if she hadn't helped out. It was so funny watching people giggle as we strolled by with our load of stuff as my 1 year old pulled her suitcase. I am laughing right now thinking about!

Christmas Night

We were able to spend Christmas night with Jay's family this year. We had a great dinner and had a fun time playing our special White Elephant game. It was so good to see everyone and will miss seeing them next year:(

Christmas morning:)

We were officially moved out of our house and moved in with my parents. It was nice we were able to spend Christmas with them and not in a hotel somewhere. Talen had so much fun doing the advent calendar this year. He was so excited to turn over baby Jesus Christmas morning. I remember growing up it was always a fight on who got to turn over baby Jesus. I am so excited to start this tradition with my family:)

Addison with all her jewelry
Talen excited to pass out all the presents:)

She thought it was for her not her!

Growing up the last present we opened always had a clue inside. We would run around the house trying to find the next clue to eventually find the big surprise! I will always remember those fun memories and wanted that for my kids. Talen was finally old enough to do it this year and we had so much fun! Bell left Talen one last gift for being such a good boy this year:)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Night before Christmas!

Talen loves to sprinkle the food out every year for the reindeer. He is finally at the age where he is getting the whole meaning of Christmas. It was fun watching him get excited like I did when I was his age.

So excited for Santa to come!


Talen was excited to see that Bell came back this year. He had fun waking up in the morning to see what kind of mischief he had gotten into. One night he toilet papered the tree:)

Monterey/San Francisco

Jay and one of his best friends from high school try to go to a 49ers game every year. We decided to make a trip out of it so the wives and kids came along. We stopped in Monterey for a day to check out the Aquarium.

Talen loves maps:)
Waiting for the water to splash over our heads

So cute they were holding hands.

I think jelly fish are so cool!

Michelle and I with our little boys:)

Thomas family<3
Had to stop and get a treat after checking out all the fish.

Talen loved all the big Christmas trees everywhere.
Me and Michelle:)
Tyler and Talen waiting to get some dinner.

It was so cold I bundled Addison up and she looked like a little sweet girl:)
Brings back memories for me

Talen was so tired he fell asleep right after he ate his ice cream.
The next day we took the kids to the Children's Creativity Museum.
Tyler and Talen playing in the dark sound room
Me putting on a puppet show:)

Addison spent an hour on this slide she loved it!

The kids dancing in the green room...having fun changing the backgrounds...
Tyler and I made a music video singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Talen had fun on the slides outside they were super fast.

Ready for the big game!

Tyler came to say goodbye and this is what cute!