Saturday, March 31, 2012

DC Zoo

One of Jay's high school friends was in town visiting so we met up with them at the zoo. It ended up being such a perfect day to walk around and enjoy the animals. Talen's favorite from the day was seeing the cheetah. We had a great time and will be going back soon.

Kate, Talen and Philip

When I point the camera at her she likes to tell me NO!
Thats my sweet girl:)

A fun day with Auntie

My sister was so sweet she wanted to take Talen rock climbing. Talen had never been before so I really didn't know what to expect. Bless her heart she was so patient with him and he lasted all of 5 minutes and I think that included getting the harness on. He climbed up like two steps and then said he was tired...ugh! I did manage to capture the 2 seconds he held on.

My sister trying to convince him to climb higher...didn't work:(

The second part of the day however was a huge success! My sister took him to this really fun mini golf place that was all in black light. He had fun playing the course and then winning tickets for prizes at the little arcade area. I guess it's Mini Monster Golf from now on.

Thanks Auntie for having us over we had so much fun we passed out on the car ride home.


One of my new friends was throwing her daughter a surprise birthday party and asked me if I would help with decorations. I always love surprises so of course I couldn't resist to help. I love how fun the candy station turned out and the runners were the perfect touch:) Thanks to my friend Angie for helping me sew tons of circles together for the banner. The best part was she was so surprised:)

Finally playing together

It's so nice that Addison is old enough to play with her brother. My kids love to be outside any chance they can get. We love having our nice covered patio to hang out and have fun.

Happy St. Patricks Day!

The boys got to spend the day on the boat with Bob while Addison, Sharon and I went walking on the pier. I can't believe how beautiful it was for being the month of March. We had such a great day we can't wait to go back again!
Talen was so excited to be on the boat he had so much fun!
Talen, Jay and Bob
Talen even got to drive the boat.

Movie time!

Talen loves reading the book The Lorax so he was really excited when the movie came out. We can't wait till it comes out on video so we can watch it again.


Talen got invited to go fishing with his buddy Evan. He was pretty excited to see if he could catch a fish. He wasn't so lucky this time but maybe next time buddy:)
Talen and Evan
Having fun with his daddy:)

House Of Bounce

Talen's school took a little field trip to a fun bounce place. The kids had so much fun and the adults got to have a little fun too.
Addison loved being in the big bounce circle.

Not so sure about the!

Making a train down the slide with Evan and his mom Jessie.

The kids had a pizza party after
Talen and Evan