Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Valentine's Day

Valentine's brought me this and then this…ugh!!!
 We haven't had this much snow since we have lived here and of course Jay is away at training.  We got over a foot of snow and I didn't even know where to begin but I had to started digging. 

 After shoveling the driveway I had to shovel the back patio for the dogs.  

 The kids were so excited to go out and play in all the snow.  

 While I was outside playing a neighbor came over to tell me that I had to dig my sidewalks out or I would get fined…what?!  I seriously couldn't believe after all I had already done now I had to do my sidewalks…ugh!

Port Discovery

 My sister told me about this kids museum she heard of and thought we should take the kids.  They had such fun and cute things for the kids.  They had a cute little Diner and a grocery store you could shop in.  They had a water area for the kids to play and build legos.  Their favorite thing was the big play structure they had in the middle of the museum.   We will definitely go back it was a huge hit!

Love this face

 This little guy is growing up so fast I don't know where the time has gone.  He is getting in 4 more teeth and he has finally started walk which explains the bump on his forehead.  He isn't going to be my baby much longer:(  

 Such a big kid now sitting in chairs:)

 Love you buddy:)

Love these moments

Every once in a while my kids will do something nice for the other.  Addison needed help with her button and Talen didn't hesitate to help.  I love when these two get along and share these little moments:)

I hate winter!!!!

I am about to go crazy living here in this weather.  I have seen enough snow and ice to last me the rest of my life.  I have never seen everything freeze like a popsicle.

 My grass even froze and when you walked on it you slide like you were ice skating.  The poor dogs didn't stand a chance that day.