Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin patch 2011

Talen had a field trip with his school to the pumpkin patch. He is getting so excited that it's almost Halloween and loves all the decorations.

I love all the different kinds of pumpkins:)

Corn maze

Talen was so excited he got to bring his cousin Lucy with him:)

Their pumpkin's they got to take home:)


My parents took a trip to Cabo and loved it so much they said we had to go. We loved the low key family style of it all. We would definitely go back in the future.

Checking out the place with Daddy:)

We decided to go check out the beach and it started pouring on us. We made it back to the umbrella's and hung out for a while enjoying the view.
These kids loved the Pinata's (virgin pina colada) so much we had them all day long.

Jay with his Shirley temple...nice babe!
We decided to take a walk on the beach a night.

Loves her Daddy!

We spent hours in the pool with the kids.
Talen having fun with the water balloon fight.

Collecting shells with Honey:)

Thanks for the great picture mom:)