Monday, January 21, 2013

3 Months old

 My sweet little boy is getting so big.  He is smiling so much more and trying to get some sounds out.  He loves being in the bath and wiggling around in the water.  Pretty soon he will be to big for this little bath.  Right now he is wearing 9 month footed outfits.  He weighed 14.2 pounds and was 25 inches long at his appointment on Jan 9th.  He is not fitting in any of Talen's winter clothes so I am having to buy clothes for him.  Wasn't expecting a little line backer but will keep you!

Brady's Blessing Day

 We decided to bless Brady at home so that we could have more family involved.  We got permission to use FaceTime to have those who couldn't make it still take part.  I am truly grateful for technology these day for this to happen.  I can only imagine how things will be when my children are blessing their children.  Thanks Bishop! 
 My sweet family of 5 love them so much!

 Brady wore Talen's blessing outfit and it barely fit.  

 This kid loves his Knuffle bunnies

Snuggle time

 I just love every minute with this little guy.  I think now that I am older and know what I am doing I can relax and enjoy the moment.  He is so sweet and I just want to kiss on his cheeks all day long.

Oh no!

It's hard to see but Talen has a permanent tooth coming in behind his bottom tooth.  I was dreading this day for a long time.  I had 10 teeth pulled growing up and I was hoping not to pass that to my children. I am praying his other tooth just falls out and we don't have to get it pulled...poor kid!

New Years Resolution

Get ORGANIZED!!!!!!!  My mom was still here during the holidays and she pushed me to get started.  I am so glad she did because it feels so good to get things accomplished that you have wanted to get done.  Now I just need a magic wand that will make every other closet in my house look like this.

Lego time!

Talen finally got his Lego put together that he got for his Birthday from his Uncle Troy.  He was so excited it was finally done so he could put his Lightening McQueen car inside the truck.

Teaching her young

I finally had a chance to fix a few things that needed fixing and Addison wanted to help out.  I hope one day she will decided to learn how to sew so we can do it together like my mom and I :)

Being silly

The kids had so much fun taking pictures the other day they asked me to take more.  They jumped in front of the tree again and just had fun.  
My sweet boy
 My sweet girl

 This kid loves his Knuffle bunny
 These two have so much fun!

Another Christmas

 My parents were able to come during New Years so we were able to celebrate Christmas again.  I have to start off by thanking my mom for all her hard work and the hours she put in on making the kids stockings.  I wanted to do them myself but soon realized it wasn't going to happen if it was left up to me.  I love that my kids will have another fun tradition I grew up with for years to come. 

 Brady's 1st Christmas! 
 My kids were pretty spoiled this year.
 All over in 2 minutes

 Opening her Barbie car from her cousin's Audrey and Lucy.

Someone is excited for his new Skylander remote.  Thanks Honey and Captain!
 More Skylanders!
Legendary Skylanders 

Helping Brady open his presents
  Loves feeding her baby her bottle

Playing with her bowling pins from Auntie

 Talen got this Alien Autopsy from his Aunt and was excited to make it.

 Auntie was a sport and tried the guts.