Sunday, September 27, 2009

Talen's 1st camping trip!

We took Talen on his first overnight Church camp out.  Poor thing threw up in the car on the way there and had a small night terror that night; but all that aside he loved being outdoors.  This kid was putting dirt anywhere and everywhere.  I went around and was lining all the trash cans and he would put a handful of dirt in when I was done.  Let's not forget that Thomas the Train had to come along too.  Thankfully they don't mind the dirt and are washable!!!

Jay, Jeff and Graham 
Talen and Tess
Who's ready for some s'mores 

Talen was helping his daddy throw the football around
If we could all only be 25 again:)
We gave him a little bit of medicine for the ride home.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BBQ Fun!

We went to Jay's parents for the weekend for some business and fun.  We had some family over for a BBQ to have the best Kings County Tri-Tip ever!   Here is my Father in-law in his favorite spot.  He thinks he is the King in this chair. lol!
Kaylee playing with the doggies
My two sister in-laws
Ayssa with her new puppy
Talen loved playing with his cousins.
This ones for you Megan
My nephew Jalen

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Obsessed with Thomas!

Here is Talen's new chair that his Grandma Da got him.  My baby is growing up, he looks so big in this chair.

Talen loves Thomas the Train!  He eats, sleeps and bathes with these things.  The 1st Thomas came from his Grandma Da, she bought it for him to have at her house when we come and visit.  Well, Talen wasn't leaving Grandma's without it.  The 2nd Thomas came from my mom's house.  She tried to take it away from him and explain that is stays at her house for when he comes to play, the water works came flooding in.  Needless to say he got to bring that Thomas home too.  The 3rd Thomas came from a Target visit yesterday.  He saw it and pointed to it and started saying Choo Choo!  I got it down and put it in the shopping cart just to keep him happy in the store.  Why did I ever think I could sneak it away and put it back?  Now I have to stuff that thing in my purse.

Like I said he does everything with Thomas. lol!