Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fun projects

 I saw one of these wreaths on pinterest and wanted to make one for my front door.  I took different parts for different wreaths and put them together and I like how it turned out.  I just need to get a wooden letter "C" for Covarrubias to add in between the roses.

These flowers have been so much fun!  I have never burned fabric before so it was fun to see the results.

 Addison is finally liking headbands again so I have been making a bunch for her.  I love how this one turned out and I'm excited she likes it too!

Daddy's girl!

 This little girl LOVES her Daddy and wants his attention 24/7.  She knows exactly what to do to get him wrapped around her finger.  

Soccer ready!

 All ready for the game Mom!

 Talen scored 2 goals at his last soccer game!  We are so proud of you buddy!

Registered for Kindergarten

I can't believe my little boy is starting Kindergarten next year.  I can remember the day he came into this world and I held him for the first time and now I am going to be watching him ride off in a school bus.  I know he is ready and excited to go so it makes it a little easier but, you still worry about every little thing.  

My sweet girl

Whenever she is in a good mood I have to take advantage of getting pictures.  She doesn't sit still for me very long but when she gives me 5 minutes it's so much fun!  I love my sweet little girl and she makes me laugh everyday.  She is a little stinker but makes up for it with her silly little ways.  I can't wait to see what she will come up with next.  Love you sweet girl!

My kids like each other...sometimes!

Someone's ready for a big girl bike

Every time we go out in the garage Addison wants to get on her brothers bike.  She just wants to do all this big girl stuff and I am not sure I'm ready yet.  Next thing I know she will be getting her license and tell me it's not cool to hang out with her mom...yikes!

Love surprises!

Thanks babe you made my day!

Meeting Auntie Tiffany

 My sister-in-law was in town for work and she got to come by and meet Brady.  She didn't get to stay very long but we're so glad she came.  We can't wait until the whole family comes to visit in June:)

Organizing time!

 Ever since we have moved here for some reason I can not get my sewing room under control.  It seems to be the dropping zone for when we are cleaning the house and it always ends up like this.  I have been working on some projects and got tired of walking over things and decided it was time.  I am sure it will only last a week but it was worth a shot.
 My organizing partner:)

I think she's ready:)

Every morning when Talen gets ready for school Addison goes through the same routine with him.  She has to put on her shoes and backpack like her big brother.  She can wait to go to school and I think mama is ready too!

It's soccer time again

 This is Talen's 3rd season and he is getting so much better.  He has made a huge improvement from our first time around.  We have been having so much fun watching him play.

 Someone else is ready to play!

My little princess

 Addison loves her princess Sofia dress and she looks so cute in it!  I wish they had these when I was a little girl because I would've worn them everyday.  I am so glad that she is turning into my girly girl and I get to dress her up.  Thanks for my dress Honey!

6 months old!

 Talen is such a good big brother.  He loves talking to Brady and trying to make him laugh.  He will make silly faces and do silly dances to make him smile.  He will get his pacifier for him if he starts to get fussy but we haven't got him convinced its fun to change diapers...lol!

 Can't believe how big my little boy is getting.