Thursday, September 20, 2012

Getting ready for baby

 I had Jay pull out the tubes full of Talen's baby stuff so I could go through it for Brady.  It brought back so many great memories of when Talen was a baby and all his sweet stuff he wore.  Addison wanted to help out so she was trying on all the stuff.  
 She tried putting the little mittens on her!  Pretty soon she can put them on her baby brother:)

Time for some fishing

 Talen got to fish with Owen and his dad at the park.  It was so beautiful outside and the sunset was just perfect.  
 I think we might have to get this little man a fishing pole for his Birthday

The Toler's

 Boy, am I going to miss this family!  They are moving to New Zealand for Johnathon's job and a fun new adventure.  I was able to take their family portraits right before they left and had such a great time with them.  Angie was one of my first friends when I moved here and I will always cherish the friendship we have.  We love you guys and can't wait to iChat!

It's that time again!

Talen was pretty excited to start school again.  He was even more excited to get all his school supplies that he needed for this year.  Thanks for all my stuff Honey!

Talen and his buddy Owen

This is Talen's friend Owen that lives a couple house down from us.  These two play so good together and have the best time playing superheroes.  Of course they are dressing up as the same superhero for Halloween because they have to be the same:)  You will have to wait and see what they picked!

School keepsake boxes

So growing up my mom kept a special box for me full of all my precious items.  I loved going through it and seeing all my pictures and memorabilia that she collected throughout the years.  I am trying to be like my mom and pass this down to my children to have for their future.  I don't know how long it will last but at least I can say I am giving it a try.

Work in progress:)

Love my babies:)

The kids were in a good mood so I decided to take them out and get some pictures.  I am so glad I did because they turned out so cute.  I am soaking up every minute with these two before the baby comes.  They are at such a great age and they play so well together.  I am getting nervous about being able to juggle time with all 3 kids.  I know people do it with more kids so I know it can be done but I am the biggest worry wart ever! 

 I just can't get enough of those cheeks!

 Love that sweet face:)

Here I am at 33 weeks with Brady

Bow fun!

 I went to a children's boutique with my mom earlier this year and couldn't believe what they wanted for a simple solid color bow.  My mom told me "You can make those yourself, don't pay the money".  I had no clue how to even start, so I got on youtube and started watching bow tutorials and gave it a try.  I am having so much fun making them, I can't stop.  She will be supplied with hair bows for life...haha!   

Finally fits!

I was so excited when I tired this dress on Addison and it finally fit.  I have a bunch that I made and saved for her for when she got older and now she can wear them...yay!

Sassy girl:)

 Well, what can I say, I love having a little girl to get all dressed up.  She loves to sit and watch me get ready in the morning and help me put on my makeup.  I am in for it when she gets older though...eek!

Talen's favorite buddies:)

 Talen loves our missionaries in our ward right now.  The best part is they like him just as much.  He loves having them over and making them laugh at all his silly quotes.  We will sure miss them when they get transferred.