Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Myrtle Beach

 We heard that our time share at Myrtle Beach was great and very kid friendly so we decided to check it out.  After a long and miserable drive with horrible rain we finally made it to the beach.  We were pretty excited about our view and loved every minute we spent out on the deck.  Talen was so excited about the big swimming pool and couldn't wait to jump in.

 We went out to dinner and Talen got these cute little hamburgers.  He called them Krabby!
 After dinner we headed down to Broadway at the Beach

 Jay and I couldn't get over this crazy building.  It was the WonderWorks attraction "amusement for the mind".

 Talen feed the fish
 We had to stop and check out this fun store called It'Sugar.  I have never seen such big candy in my life.  
Huge gummy bear

 As we were walking along this fun store caught my eye.  Talen immediately wanted to go inside and check it out.  It was called RideMakerz and there are only 4 stores that are currently open.  It's pretty much like an American Girl store but for boys.  You get to pick your car and then all the accessories to got with it.  After you pick everything out you get to build it.
Picking out his tires
 Putting the wheels together

 Putting Lightening McQueen's voice in

 Good job buddy you put your car together in 1 minute!!
 One little excited boy!  Thanks Daddy for getting me my new race car!!!

 They had a pool dedicated just for kids with a slide and everything.  They could've been in the pool all day if we let them.  
 Addison loved when Jay would balance her high in the air:)
 Hanging out on the deck on our last day enjoying the view.
 All packed up and sad to go:(

Shopping with mommy

 Addison and I like to make our usual shopping trip to Target while Talen is at school.  I think she loves shopping just as much as I do.  She loves to put all the items in the shopping cart and see what she can reach and pull off the shelves and drive me crazy.  We couldn't resists the tulips as we passed them at the checkout.

Soccer time

 Well we are now getting close to the end of the season and I think Talen has had a good time.  He has made some new friends and is hopefully looking forward to next year.  Of course now that the season is almost to an end I have finally figured out how to keep Addison from running onto the field after the ball.  Maybe by next year I will be a pro at this soccer mom stuff.

Happy Mother's Day

 I had another wonderful Mother's Day spending it with my little family.  We went to dinner and I was spoiled with special gifts and flowers.  I love being a mom and wouldn't change it for the world<3

Mother's Day Tea

 Talen's class had a little party for their moms.  Talen made me special handmade gifts that I will cherish forever.  This is my special bracelet he made me and picked out the colors all by himself.
 I am going to be sad when he grows up and doesn't want to hold my hand anymore:(  I love you buddy and you will always be my little boy<3

Teacher appreciation week

 Talen was pretty excited to make his teacher a gift this year.  He made them all by himself with a little help from mom:)

He was pretty excited to give Mrs. Meador her gift:) 
 Talen and Mrs. R