Thursday, August 22, 2013

My cute model

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bubblegum necklaces

 My friend and I decided we wanted to start making these cute chunky bubblegum necklaces that are really popular right now.  When I went to California my dad was such a trooper and took me to downtown LA and I got to shop at this awesome bead store.  I was so overwhelmed when I walked in because I wasn't expecting the walls to be plastered with beads.  I could have been in that store for hours.  Thanks dad for watching Brady in the car for me while I shopped!

All ready to be put up on Etsy:)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Trip to California

 My parents flew in from Ireland after their trip to help me get the kids back to California.  Of course they had to do some spoiling of the grandkids before we headed out.  

 My parents took the two older kids a couple of days before, then I came later with Brady.

 Already in the pool

 Now it's our turn...Brady did such a good job on the flight:)

 Lunch date with mommy:)

 The kids loved riding on this fun little car

 Talen was doing such a good job swimming he even started jumping off the high rocks.

 Addison wanted to be like her big brother

 Took Addison to my old hair salon to see everyone.
 Enjoying a fudge bar in the heat:)

 Went to visit our old neighbor's and had so much fun playing with Cooper.
 Talen and Addison loved riding up and down their Captain's elevator. 

 I took Addison to her first dance class with my old dance teacher Tyler.  She is one of the 1st girls from the second generation of dancers from when they opened.  She loved every minute of it and I can't wait to put her in class when we move back.  

 My dance teachers from the Dancer's them:)
 She passed out on the way home
 Poor little Brady was getting all four of his top teeth in while we were in California.  He was running a temperature for two days and was just so miserable.  I hate when my babies don't feel good I wish I could take the pain for them.  I guess it was better that he got all four in at once.

 Talen was so excited to see his old buddy Avery.  They lost their 1st tooth around the same time.  Talen can't wait to move back so he can hang out again.
 We had another one of Talen's friends Isaiah over to go swimming.  They played like they had never been apart:)

 We met up with one of our old squadron families from the Blue Diamond and had dinner.  It made me really miss my friends and I can't wait to move back.

 My dad pulled out the old merry cherry cart and I took the kids out for a ride.  I loved riding this around when I was a kid.  So glad my kids get to experience what I did growing up.

 We went over and hung out with some more family friends.  The two were like fish in the pool they couldn't get enough.

My mom and I did some shopping and we found matching shirts for the boys.  They looked so handsome for church on Sunday.

 Love my kiddos!!!

 We were doing a lot on vacation and it was finally catching up to the kids. 

 Spent an afternoon with more friends hanging out in the pool.
 Talen and Avery again being silly as usual
 Oh the treasures you find when you go home:)

 Well all good things must come to an end:(  Addison loved sitting on the suitcase while my dad pushed her though the airport.  
 Bye California!  We will be back soon:)
 Talen in really into Star Wars these days he was super excited to find this book from his Honey when he got home.