Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Reunited again:)

About 10 years ago when we were in VFA-113 we met our good friends Dave and Jenn.  On deployment he and Dave were roommates and became very close.  After that tour they moved to Virginia Beach and we haven't lived by each other since.  Jay is going through training again on the East coast to get back into the jet and he had his first flight back with Dave.  They had such a great time together it was like they had never been apart:)


So on Monday nights a group of us get together and watch a show.  The Bachelor was suppose to be a good season so we decided thats what we would watch.  The guy ended up being a total jerk but that didn't stop us for getting together for so girl time.  My friend Rochelle and I decided to have a party for the finale.  We had so much fun putting it together we can't wait to have another one.  

 We missed you at the party Erin!

Sassy girl:)

 Addison and I spend a lot of time together so we play dress up a lot.  I bought a smaller size curling iron for her hair so we gave it a try.

 On a lunch date with her boyfriend Asher :)
 Then a surprise visit from Daddy!

Spirit week

Crazy hair day
 I was impressed it lasted all day
 Pajama day

My sweet princess

 The day she tells me she doesn't want to dress like a princess anymore will be a really sad day.  I love that she loves to dress up and change 20 times a day.  I am so lucky that I have a girly girl that wants to paint her nails and do her hair.  I just wish this could last forever.

She watches me put on makeup way to much…lol!

My cute lunch dates

Tea party time!

 I was on Facebook one day and someone listed this cute little bistro set for sell.  I had been looking for one so I jumped on this deal real quick!  I showed her a picture of it and she was so excited to go pick it up.  Once we got home she went straight upstairs to put on her dress and tiara:)  We had so much fun having our little tea party and snacks.  I look forward to all our future tea parties baby girl!   

 You can't have a party without goldfish and fruit snacks:)

Virginia Beach

  One day while we were on FaceTime Addison asked Jay to show her his room.  He was telling her that he has a window just like her and a bed.  After that she started calling it his hotel house and we thought it was so cute we just kept calling it that.  We had enough of the snow so we went to visit Jay at his hotel house:)  The kids had so much fun and we loved soaking up the sun.  The kids loved building their big sandcastle and decorating it with shells:)
 Brady wasn't sure about the sand at first but once he got used to it he couldn't get enough.

 Decorating her castle:)

 They loved riding on the luggage cart…silly kids!