Monday, January 28, 2008

Talen's Favorite Pilot (non jet that is..)

Well, Talen got to hang with his Grandpa Captain the other day, and they took some really great pictures together here are a few......
If anyone has ever seen pictures of Captain holding us when we were kids, this one brings back memories!!!!
Hold me Grandpa..I'm falling.....
My Dad has got the touch with Talen and also his granddaughter Audrey..I think it is his jolly laugh that just draws the kids closer to him!!!
Well, Talen can't be perfect all of the time!!!

Grandma Da's Birthday

So, we haven't updated our blog in a while..what's new. Well we went down to the OC to see Jay's family for his Mother's Birthday, we also celebrated mine which happens to be the day before his Mom's. Needless to say, we had a great time. For my B-day, I got a new lens for my camera, so I have been playing with are a few pics I took....
Jay's Mom was enjoying spending time with the family, our niece, Charlize was so excited to help her grandma blow out the candles. Both nights she was in charge of taking her auntie and then her Grandma out of the room, while we got the cake set up....then she ate all of the frosting off of the candles!!!!
Jay's nephew, handsome as he is, is just about as much of a goob as his uncle!! They were playing ping pong and I caught him out in the garage with my Ugg boots on, he gave me a few poses for my camera...ooh to be in high school again!!!
My Mother-in-law got a new camera from us for her is a small step up from the disposable cameras she was using. She loves to take pictures so the family wanted to surprise her with this gift..and oh was she surprised..she loved it..and deserved it!!!
Talen got to hang out with his auntie Lisa again..he was a tooting machine for her!!! At one point we thought it was his aunt!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

First Play Date

So remember I was taking a pre-natal yogo class..well we have all had our babies, and here are the picture from our first play date!! Just imagine 7 babies in one room at the same time!! There was laughter, crying, dirty diapers and plenty of stories to keep us entertained!!!
Check out sweet Kaitlyn...She was the first member of the group...she came a week early!!
So here is Jackson!!!! He came in the heavyweight division..arriving at 10 lbs 1 ounce. He is our future line backer!!Well everyone checking out this sight knows this little guy....Talen was in heaven with all of his new friends at his house to play!!Thomas' daddy made it home just in time to see his new son be born!! After laboring all night, he finally arrived at 10:35 in the morning...Don't you love all night labor!!!This is Talen's friend Ellery, she has modeled in this blog before!! She was born on the 23rd of Dec..Santa was giving out good presents this year!!
Here is my friend Benjamin. He was born on December 30th 2007. He was so tired from the play date, he decided to take a nap....actually he slept the whole time!!Here is our newest member of the group William Nolan. He was born on January 8th, 2008.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Big Boy Outfit

Wow, check me out..I look like my Grandpa Captain..but in my Daddy's clothes!!
I put these on for my Daddy, he was so excited about me hanging out with him for the games, that I dressed up for him. He even held me the whole time...I think that is a fair trade!!

My Friend Ellery

Can you believe that last year we were so anxious for the arrival of these two!!! Talen has so many cute friends..but this is his first girl...friend!!Talen and Ellery had so much fun at their play date, they were teaching each other a little something about baby life..mostly they were just hanging out!!
Wow Ellery, look at all the animals and the colors and..ooops..sorry..that was me...

Rose Bowl

Jay and I had the opportunity to go down to the Rose Bowl game and Parade. This was one of the many floats that caught our eye!! Can you believe how long it takes these guys to put one of these floats together?? The flowers were gorgeous!!Jay was in charge of the Fly Over, luckily it went great and everyone was happy!One of Talen's favorite actors was there!! He loved his performance in Elf..Daddy prefers his other movies!!
Jay's sister Lisa and her husband, Jason, joined us at the game, we had a great time and she was soooo helpful with Talen, who by the way, loved his first trip to the Rose Bowl!! (he slept the whole time)

My Blessing Day

Talen looked so handsome on his blessing day. Here are a few pictures of him in his blessing outfit!!
All of our family came to see our son..thanks to everybody for joining in our special day!!

My 1st Family Photo

Talen's first family picture..he was soooo excited. He wanted to look like the rest of us, so we had to go find him a matching pair of jeans and a white shirt!!Check out my auntie Heather..isn't she pretty!!! Her sweater was so soft, I had to take a nap in it!!

My First Christmas

Look what Daddy got for Christmas...Meeee!!My cousin Audrey and I had so much fun...she would run around the house and I would watch her.