Friday, December 31, 2010

More presents!

Santa made a trip to our house while we were gone and left some more presents for Talen. He couldn't believe that Santa came twice this year.

I got Talen's Bebe pod out and put Addison in it for the first time. She is getting so big so fast I can't believe it.

Trip to the cabin

We took our yearly trip to Jay's parents cabin and Talen loved it. He wasn't so sure about sledding last year but this kid would go down all by himself with no fear. He would have stayed out in the snow all day if we let him.

Snow angel:)

This stream runs right under my in-laws deck of their cabin. Usually it is covered in snow but since we have had so much rain there was water this year.

Frank trying to get Jay with a snow ball.

Got you Papa Frankie!

Talen making his pizza with his grandma Da.

Hanging out with Daddy:)

It snowed the night before we left so the guys had to do some digging to get the cars out. On our way home we hit a snow storm and it was one of my scarier moments in life. I was driving and the snow was so bad at one point I couldn't tell if the car was even moving. I felt like I was riding Space Mountain at Disneyland. Don't ever want to do that again!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day!

We spent Christmas with Jay's family this year so Santa had to make a special trip. Talen was so excited when he woke up and found all the presents Santa left him. I think this kid officially owns everything Thomas now.
Santa brought Talen an aircraft carrier like the one Daddy flies on.

His new Thomas unbrella and Lego Trains from Da and Papa Frankie.
Talen played for hours with his new Thomas the Train he got from Jay's Aunt and Uncle.

Feeding the Reindeer

My Mother-in-law gets Talen reindeer food every year to sprinkle on the lawn the night before Christmas. He was so into it this year that he actually thought he was feeding the fake reindeer that my MIL had in the! Oh how I wish I could be a kid again!

The Elf on the Shelf

My Aunt Sandra sent me this fun gift this year to start a family tradition. I LOVE IT! This little Elf comes with a book talking about how Santa sends an Elf to your house to report if you are being naughty or nice. Each night while you're sleeping he flies to Santa to tell him if you have been good or been bad. In the morning when Talen would wake up he would go try to find where Bell was. I wish I could keep this little guy out all year long because he was a huge help keeping Talen on the good list:)

Picture with Santa

My mom convinced me to take the kids down to get their picture with Santa this year. I am glad she did because they did great. Of course Thomas had to come along too.

Rice Krispie trains

My mom got Talen this Rice Krispie kit to make that came with a train mold. He had so much fun getting his hands all messing and pushing the rice krispies into the mold. As you can see his favorite part was eating it when he was done:)