Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Baby Shower

Here is my yummy dessert table.Well wouldn't you know my mom made me cry again....She told the cutest little story about the trials of raising a baby and used all these props as examples in her story. My favorite part was at then end when she said, "I could call her and she would be my life saver." Here is one of the many beautiful blankets that people made for me. It was overwhelming that so many people went out of their way to make me something special..if you are one of them and reading this....thank you!!!!!This was so cute it says Daddy's little Wingman. I am going to sew one like this for my husband, but it will say, "My wife's favorite pilot"..that is fighter pilot..right Dad!!You make a lot of close friends when your husband leaves for months on end...These are the Stinger wives I met when Jay was in his first squadron..years later and we are still all hanging out!!
My friend Kristen and I posed for a pregnant photo opp.All of my girlfriends from the salon got excited when I told them we were going to a party at the club Friday night....country club that is!!
Hopefully I look this good when I am a Grandma!! I can only hope that my kids have the same experiences and that I do as a good as a job of raising them, as my Mom did raising us!! Thank you for everything and I love you!!
I owe my beautiful shower to these two wonderful ladies. Sue and Sherry, thank you so much, my shower was better than I could have ever imagined it..anytime you guys are ready to have another one..I'm on it!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Prenatal Yoga Class

Here are my friends from Prenatal Yoga. I am getting in my nesting mode so, I thought I would learn how to make Hooter Hiders. For those of you who don't know what they are, they are nursing covers. They were so fun to make that I decided to make one for everyone in class.Here we all are from right to left in baby popping order. I am sad because I will be leaving soon and I am going to miss everyone. Nancy is due any day......good luck!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fletcher Lee Rogers

Jay was able to get some practice for his future responsibilities!! One of our good friends came over for a haircut, and Jay was taking care of her son Fletcher, he ended up taking a nap in my husband's arms!! Isn't he sooo cute!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekend in San Francisco

After the 49ers game, Jay was starving for some Clam Chowder..so we headed down to the Wharf for some seafood!! I, on the other hand, was craving anything other than seafood!!On our way down to the Wharf, we heard a bunch of screaming!! It ended up being a group of Sea Lions trying to fight for a place to nap!! Apparently, this group has migrated to the bay because of its protected climate, and the many fish to munch on!!
The Golden Gate Bridge was soooo beautiful!!! We took a nice afternoon drive through the City and then over the Bridge!! The sights were so breath-taking and it was a cool 70 degrees.
On the way home we stopped at the Oakland Temple. It sits on top of a hill and you can see all of the City of San Francisco from its grounds. As you walk into the Visitor's Center, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge illuminate in the background. We wanted to stay for the sunset, but it was getting late!!

The Visitor's Center had a special item on display; it was one of the original Books of Mormon left from the original 5000 that were first published. Apparently, Joseph Smith gave this copy to a friend of his who was a Methodist minister, and when he passed, a member of the church bought it at an auction. He then loaned it to the Temple while he is on a mission with his wife!!
Can you believe it...Talen's first trip to the Temple..he was so excited he was doing back flips inside mommy's tummy!! He is 33 weeks!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Visit to Phoenix

I got to go to Phoenix and visit my brother and sister in-law. I had such a fun time playing with my niece Audrey. She is 18 months right now and she is so cute! She loves shoes and loves opening and closing the doors. When we asked her where the baby was she would try to lift up my shirt to find him.
Here I am with my Brother.... he is looking so good. He has been going on all these long hiking trips and looks great! You should check out his Blog with all his amazing pictures.
I also got to hang out with my sister in-law Tiff!! She was so sweet to take me to all the fun baby boutiques and fill me in on all the "mom" stuff.
My dad came to visit for the day and all of a sudden Tiff and I were chop liver. She would pull a chip out of the bag and hand it to my dad to eat. When Tiff got a chip out of the bag Audrey would came over and took the chip away and gave it to my dad. It was so funny! She loves her grandpa.
When we told Audrey to give the baby kisses she came over and put her head on my belly it was so cute!
I was sad to say good-bye when I had to leave.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Baby Shower

My mother in-law threw me a shower down south and here are some fun pictures. Here is everyone drawing a baby for me on their head.

Well, my sister in-law Vanessa thought it would be funny to buy newborn bottles for us to suck on for this game and we all sucked so hard that we got sores on our tongues.

My sister-in-law won the bottle contest. She better have, after having three kids!!!

Jay's Aunt Karen is already getting Talen ready for the Naval Academy. I got so many nice gifts it was so sweet of everyone.
My mother in-law did such a beautiful job for my shower.

Newport Beach

My in-laws came with us down to Newport Beach

This is me at 32 weeks.

Jay and I took a romantic walk on the beach.