Friday, June 17, 2011


Talen loves being out in the workshop with his Captain. He is getting pretty handy with the tools so soon he will be fixing things for me around the house:)
He refuses to use a smaller screwdriver because this is his favorite one.

He did it!

Talen passed his swim lessons and got his certificate! He is doing such a good job I am so proud of him. He can't wait to show you Daddy!

Hanging with Grandma Da

Talen was excited his Grandma Da came to see him. He had fun staying up late watching movies while mommy went to celebrate HALFWAY!

Kung Fu Panda 2

Talen and I went to the movies and had so much fun! He did so good and wore his 3D glasses the whole time. We can't wait for Cars 2 to come out:)

Making enchiladas with Captain

Talen is finally learning Captains secret recipe to his enchilada sauce. Make sure you remember it buddy because Captain just makes it up as he goes...haha!

Summer fun!

Talen loves hanging out with the big kids in the neighborhood. He got to go swimming with them the other day and loved it!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

9 months old

1, 2 and she's done! I got all of 2 minutes out of Addison before the meltdown. She was not having anything to do with pictures today. She is getting some top teeth in right now so she is a hot mess. Maybe we can try again tomorrow.

Dentist appointment

Talen did so good at his Dentist appointment today. I was worried he wasn't going to let them put anything in his mouth, but he did so good. I hated going as a child so that caused me to be a nervous wreck. I am sure they wanted to tell me to calm down, he's!