Friday, March 22, 2013

Dying Easter eggs

 The kids were so excited to dye their Easter eggs.  The best part was I found these neat little egg scissor holders that were awesome.  The kids were able to hold the egg and not get their hands dyed and not have to balance the egg on that silly wire thing we used as kids. 

Easter fun!

 I took the kids to our Ward Easter activity and they had a great time.  They had a firetruck for the kids to explore and they got to go up inside.

 Ready to go find their Easter eggs

Getting stronger

 Addison loves playtime with Brady.  I think she is enjoying his toys way more then he is.  She likes to get in his jumper and jump around.  We tell her those are for babies and she just continues to jump...silly girl!

 Needed a nap after all that tummy time
 This little guys hair grows fast I already had to give him another haircut
All clean
 Ready to play again:)

Little Mama

 I guess you can say Addison has seen me do this a lot so she has picked up a few things.  It's was pretty cute one night when she came in to Talen's room feeding her baby.  She is little Miss Independent these days and it has been fun to watch.

More snow!

 This has been the craziest weather I have ever experienced.  It goes from being 50 degrees outside one day and snowing the next.  
 The kids were pretty excited though because they love the snow!

Brady and I decided to stay inside all nice and warm

Daddy shoveled all the snow and made a fun slide for the kids

All snuggled up getting warm after a fun day

 All better after a nice warm shower