Monday, September 29, 2008

Go 49ers!!!

Talen's new gecko!

Oh No...He found the doggie door!!!

After discovering doggie food and taking control of all the doggie toys in the house, Talen once again takes control of Kali and Paris' doggie door. I know it is just a mater of time before he finds his way outside when we are not looking!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Newport Beach Family Vacation

Well after being gone for a month, Jay finally came home and we got the chance to go on our long awaited family vacation to sunny Newport Beach. Talen has been getting so big and he has been looking forward to getting into the pool again with his Daddy. Luckily the weather was perfect and we had a great time!!
The kid is a swimmer and loves to float on his tummy. He has got strong kicker legs and loves to move them around in the water. If he could grow about a foot taller than his Daddy, he might swim like Michael Phelps!!
Talen loves his mornings with Jay. He just wakes up and hangs out with his blankie and a nice bottle of formula. Jay brought him back a teddy bear in old flight gear from the "Tailhook" Convention in Reno, NV.
He is getting soooo big!! We used to be worried about his weight, because he was below the charts...but not any more!!!!
I am not sure if anyone has been to Balboa Island or the Balboa Peninsula, but you can get there by taking the Balboa Island ferry, were you drive your car onto this tiny ferry and it takes you across the water. It was fun and feels like you are driving on water!!
Here is the famous Balboa Island Ferris Wheel...okay I am not really sure how famous it is..but it was neat anyway!!
Jay told me to bring something nice on our trip because he was going to take me on a surprise date. When he took me to dinner at In-N-Out I began to question why I got all dressed up. Then he took me to go see Wicked at the Pantages Theatre in was awesome!!! Good thing we ate fast, because it took us 2 hours to drive 30 miles!! Not in Hanford any more toto!! There is no place like home!! okay I guess I'll stop that now....
We then went to Sea World, San Diego with Jay's Sister and her Family. We learned how to do the Shamu dance which Jay's nephews perfected....left arm up..right arm up...Shamu..Shamu..Wow, I really did just write that!!
Talen hanging out with his cousin Charlize, look at him wave to the camera!!
Talen and his beautiful auntie, Lisa!!
Sea World has a couple of cool water rides, we went on the Atlantis ride first and Jay's sister and I sat in the back so that we would not get all that wet. We made sure to cover our heads with hoods to keep the water out.....that did'nt work!!
Next we went on the rapids ride and Jay happened to be the lucky guy to go right under the biggest part of the waterfall at the end...he was soaked. It was all really funny till about 7 at night when everyone began to freeze!!

All in all, it was a great vacation and we were so sad to come home. We can't wait till next year when we go to?????

Monday, September 15, 2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008