Friday, January 16, 2015

Let the painting begin

 I pretty much had to repaint everything after having renters in our house.  People just don't treat your home like you do.   I also had to update the kids room to go with their furniture and decor.  Then why not paint your dining room 7 times because you are tired of the stripes…lol!   

First look

 Took the kids over to the house for the first time to show them around and where their new bedroom would be.  They jumped right in and tested out the new carpet.

Demolition begins

 I wanted to make some changes to the kitchen when we moved back so we got straight to work before our good arrived.  My dad never turns down my crazy projects and thats why I love him so much!  Dad you are awesome and I couldn't do half the things in my life without your help.

 The last tile

 Decided to cut the bar off because we never used it.  
 Now it's nice and open I love it!

1st stop

Cali here we come!

One last trip to Virginia Beach

 Jay was in Virginia Beach finishing up his training so we went to see him before we left.  We had such a great time with great friends and we can't wait to go back to the beach again but in California!

Goodbye Virginia!

 Loading up the last of the truck and then it's off to California!

 Talen standing in his room for the last time.

 Talen's last day on the school bus it was sad saying goodbye to friend.