Monday, April 9, 2012

Her new jail

The other morning Jay went to get Addison up and found her exploring her room. He came and asked me if I had let her out of her crib and of course I hadn't she escaped. I couldn't believe that she had gotten out already at 19 months. I am not ready nor do I think she is old enough to be in a toddler bed. I remembered seeing these tents to keep them in their crib, so I told Jay we had to get one. After searching forever we found one; but it was 40 miles away. By the time we got back, it was passed her nap time so I decided to go ahead and put her down without the tent, so I could wash it. I turned the monitor on to watched her to make sure she didn't try to escape. Not even two minutes had passed and she already had her leg over the side and was climbing out. It happen so fast I was not able to get to her in time and she fell out. Nothing breaks your heart more then to see your kid falling and you can't get to them in time. I wasn't taking anymore chances, so I had Jay put the the tent on right away. She was not sure about it at first, but now when I put her in, she hold up the part that I have to zip up. It's pretty cute:)

Getting ready for soccer

Jay has been practicing with Talen a lot to get him ready for soccer this year. We are pretty excited because Jay is going to be the assistant coach on Talen's team.
His back kick

Addison loves playing soccer too so I think we have another future player:)


We are having so much fun with our new neighbors. We got invited over to make s'mores the other night and loved hanging out. Talen didn't really little the fact that you stuck your marshmallow in the fire before you ate it.
Talen and Ryan

Helping Daddy in the yard

Jay was out working in the yard and Addison wouldn't let him out of her site. She wanted him to hold her the whole time so it was getting a little tough to get things done...problem solved:)

Good Decision/Consequence Jar

I am struggling with Talen not listening to me and Time Out wasn't doing the job. I decided to make some jars to help keep him on track. If he makes good decisions he get to put balls in the jar and when it is full he gets a prize. The consequence jar however; I might need to rethink a little. If he gets in trouble he has to pull a slip of paper out and it could read no playing outside...what! I think that might be more painful for me then him because now I have to entertain him inside all day.
This ones for you mom:)

Little monkey

This little girl is going to be the end of me. She climbs on everything she can that she is not suppose to.

Silly boy!

Talen liked his 3D glasses so much after seeing The Lorax he would wear them around the house. Looking cute buddy:)