Friday, January 16, 2015

Downton Abbey

My sister is always up for a new adventure so she is always on the look out for things to do.  She came across this exhibit that was going to feature items from the show Downton Abbey.  We're both super into the show and couldn't pass up on this opportunity because it was the only place it would be held in the United States.  The exhibit was at the Winterthur estate in Delware.  When we first arrived it was lunch time so we headed to the cafeteria.  They had is all decorated to go with the Downton theme.  Clearly my sister would have fit right in with the people who lived up stairs and I would have been a cook:) 
Heather's lunch

My lunch…lol!

 On the estate they had a fairy land that was for children to play.

 This house was amazing I couldn't even imagine what it was like living here at that time.  

My sister and I were so excited to see the exhibit.  Right when we walked in we had a moment of pure excitement and didn't know what to do with ourselves.  We were looking in every directions trying to figure out what to look at first.  We had to laugh because we were like kids in a candy store.  It was so cool seeing all the things you remembered watching in the show.  We pretty much stayed in that room until we got kicked out…lol!

 The beading on the dresses were amazing.  They put so much work into finding vintage clothes and patching up holes getting them ready for the camera.  

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